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A little bit of fun

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Dads in Briefs   (2 mins)

This is a series of ads that successfully turn a solution into a problem for the sake of humour and they really work. The ads have been artfully filmed for maximum impact. We can see why they won a Gold Lion at Cannes!


A little bit of brilliance

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Dumb Ways to Die  (3 mins)

‘Going viral’ gets thrown around a lot when it comes to online ads but it’s difficult to make happen. McCann and Metro Trains Melbourne struck gold with this one though, with over 32 million views, and we can see why. Such a catchy jingle with fun, friendly characters, beautifully animated. Look out for the karaoke spin off!


A little bit of inspiration

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Benjamin Zander: TED talk (20 mins)

This guy is amazing! An unstoppable force who’s commitment to his passion is inspirational. He manages to help us all realize our untapped love for classical music and by extension, our untapped love for all new possibilities, experiences and connections. Watch it in your lunch break, it’s worth the time.

Carving a niche for design in our universe!

The Sky Net Logo

Our latest identity project was to design the face of theSkyNet, an incredible citizen science initiative that allows anyone with a PC and the internet to process raw scientific data and help radio-astronomers discover more about our universe. This identity is the latest in a number of projects for ICRAR (International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research) the organisation behind Australia’s bid to be home to the Square Kilometre Array (SKA). The SKA will be the world’s largest network of radio-telescopes capable of seeing (and by seeing, we mean hearing!?) further into our universe than ever before.

This year has seen Wren become actively involved with the radio-astronomy community through the National Science Week/ICRAR modular exhibition ‘Tuning In’ (see Wren Spaces), the ICRAR Yearbook (see images above) and designing a beautiful collectors edition booklet to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Parkes Radio-Telescope Observatory for CSIRO (see images above).

Make sure that you check out theSkyNet and start playing your part in discovering our universe!

File Under: Graphic Design, Perth, WA

We love organised chaos.

It is widely held that graphic designers and other creative types are messy. True, when in the throes of the creative process tidiness can take a back seat, however, to say that designers are not organised is in actuality not true. It is our job to organise information and create hierarchies within communication. We secretly enjoy that IKEA philosophy of ‘everything in it’s right place’ and savour the time and opportunity to organise. Thus, behold our newly renovated filing system.

We love to organise information and file it under a beautifully refined concept but don’t just take our word for it…

“I have been working with Wren Design for almost six years as Marketing and PR Director for Ramsay Health Care in WA. I can safely say that Wren has been much more than a graphic design house to us here at Ramsay. We have worked to redesign and rebrand not only our four WA Hospitals but we have taken hospital and healthcare marketing to an entirely new level of innovation. Wren have been an integral part of reinventing how we market hospitals in this state through their use of innovation, courage to reinvent and ability to take on a client brief and deliver an outstanding result. As I said, Wren is more than a graphic design house, they are masters of reinvention in branding and design.”

Penny Tassone
Marketing and PR Director,
Ramsay Health Care WA

What is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM)?

Good question huh? Adwords, SEO, SEM, DMOZ – What does it all mean?

Wren endeavour to stay one step ahead of online marketing strategies so that we can offer our clients all the advantages of the best possible website to drive their online business. We do this through close collaboration with our web developers and through internal research and education. During our research we came across this beautifully succinct article by Laura Lake on what Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) are and how they can be used to improve search engine ranking.

Take a look for yourself here.

Want your website to work harder for you… drop us a line.

Can investing in good design make my business more money?

1. Design for the future.

You want your business to grow and go the distance. Your branding and design needs to have legs to do this. Invest early in design that illustrates how you want your company to look and be perceived in 10 years time. You will avoid trends, inspire momentum to fulfil your brand promise and save on redesigns!

2. Get the concept right.

Ask your designer to rationalise their thinking. How will their design effectively articulate your business to consumers? If you love their strategy your customers probably will too. Get the thinking right before tweaking how it looks!

3. Design only what you need.

Even the most beautifully designed items can be redundant if they lack purpose. Focus on what your business really needs. Less is more. Work with your designer to find the most appropriate design solutions. The easiest way to waste time and money is investing in things you don’t really need.

4. Good quality production is every bit as important as good quality design.

Your customers/clients are constantly forming opinions about your brand and your business and these opinions are most likely to be formed around the touch points that you create. Good design can be let down by poor quality printing, cheap papers, shoddy production and low cost manufacturing. Your designer should help you find the best vendor and oversee the production process.

5. Consistent design speaks louder.

Once you have a design strategy that works… stick with it. The surest way to lessen your branding effectiveness is to dilute it. Brands with multiple personalities appear haphazard, unstable and lack self-confidence which in turn will not inspire consumer confidence.

Call to speak to us about investing in good design +61 8 9381 6737.

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